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Executive summery 

Since its entrepreneurial start more than 50 years ago Elajo has grown, changed and adjusted its footprint several times. The following is a brief summary on the present status of the Group and the different companies. The Group have some 1000 employees and the turnover is around 1000 MSEK. Elajo is listed on the “Alternativa” stock exchange. Please follow the share on www.alternativa.se

Elajo Invest AB is the parent company in the Elajo Group and addresses group level questions such as finance, acquisitions and policy issues.

Elajo Energiteknik AB offers energy effectiveness improvement, total installation solutions, service and maintenance within all areas of property technology. We carry out all assignments all the way from planning and design to completed installation and commissioning.

Elajo Technical Education Center AB (ETEC) is the group's education centre where we, among other things, run a 3-year electrical course at upper-secondary level as well as vocational degree courses in, for example, automation technology.
For more information visit the ETEC website www.elajotec.com

Elajo Engineering AB offers radiation protection services including radon measurement and consequential measures. We hold courses in radiation protection technology and "hot work" and can also provide operation technicians. Our design section works with mechanical design, calculations etc.

Elajo Mekanik AB has long experience of installation operations within, for example, natural gas and the nuclear power plant sectors. We have supplied the majority of the MR stations for the Swedish natural gas network. Since 1969 we have performed production and service assignments on Swedish and foreign nuclear power plants.
Elajo Mekanik has its own workshops for the production of carbon steel, stainless steel and other high alloyed materials.

Elajo Elteknik AB is an installation and service provider within power, lighting, telecom, automation, heating, cooling, data and communication. We have our own construction department, which allows us to accept comprehensive assignments covering all the processes from planning and construction to completed installation and commissioning.

For further information in English on the Elajo Group please call +46 (0)70 206 76 56

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